Saturday, June 25, 2011

The new era of "Fuzzy Honey"

On March 2011, due to "working stress" and also "mind depression" I re-routed my pass years music journey. Music always made me happy and feel energetic. Started a new band called "Fuzzy Honey", I always hearted the sound of fuzz, even my main pedal box is "Electro Harmonix Lil Big Muff Pie", that's why I'm naming the band 'Fuzzy Honey".

My late bassist, Mr. Fendi AKA Mr. Janggot joined the band as bassist (maybe because too long not playing bass, sometimes your bass sounded awkward bro.. Ha2 actually same with me la..) and Mr. Afiq (my Staff at Epson Toyocom Malaysia whom for me had a deep passion in music although never played the drum before, but in less than 2 month he can play the instrument!!! I bet, if he really serious, in 2 years he will be like "Travis Baker" Ha2..) as a Drummer.

Our jammed session held at "Hotstuff Studio" located at One Park Avenue, Damansara every Friday night. Seriously, the studio was the best. Try it your self. Still need hundred hours of practice before we can play in public especially the drum part. I've composed quite number of song for Fuzzy Honey first demo (all in malay). But, due to due to my new drummer still in a learning process only few songs can be played. Feel free to hear and comment. Recorded using Blackberry Curve 3G (promote blackberry.. Ha2..)

Song list :
1. Hilang Kawalan - Fuzzy Honey

2. Selamat Tinggal - Fuzzy Honey

Personally, for the scale range of 1 to 5. I rated "Fuzzy Honey" as 2 for now.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Last Gig (before I left Sonic Mush)

A year after battle at Bukit Jalil (youth day), In 2005 we have perform one last gigs ,(last for me laa.. the rest  of the bandmates continue the journey without me with new line ups) located at Tune Studio (if im not mistaken.. forgot already the studio's name), center of bandar Klang. Band that joined the gigs are Radio Flyerz (very tight in arrangement, sadly now I heard that they are disband) , Sourtury.. the rest I don't remember.

Song List that we perform that day :

1. Lunatik (malay song)
2. FM Stereo (malay song)
3. Mind Expressions (english song)
4. Royal Jelly (butterfingers cover song)

My axes including SX Telecaster copy, Boss DS2 (turbo distortion) and Boss DS3 (fuzz). On the 3rd song, Mind Expressions.. the song's that I wrote about this one women I called a 'Bloody witch'. Really hate her regarding what she and her P*G S**T husband did to me and my wife (no need to mention here),  I 'd slammed my guitar and broke the guitar body. On the stage sometimes when the adrenaline going high.. you can't control the only thing is released it.. that is what Grunge is all about... I slammed the guitar and passing away the crowds, left the guitar on the stage and the crowds and my bandmates faces were like 'What the fish that you doing man.. ). But the show aren't finish yet, the crowd requested for last songs. So the show continue with the last songs 'Royall Jelly' a cover from Butterfingers (the greatest grunge band ever). I just comeback to the stage, pick up my guitar and continue playing the song with my tune is out (damn..). Anyway, it is a greatest experience. Only the crowd not moshing together.. maybe they don't really feel the songs.. it is a Malay grunge songs.. Ha.. Ha.. Klang scene rocks... (to be continued..)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Demo from Gutterslides - Paroxysm

Feel free to hear or download the old demo of Gutterslides - Paroxysm that was released on the year 2002.
Song list :

1. Forgiveness
2. High Skool
3. Cure Me
4. Creepy

Actually there are 6 songs in the demo. But I couldn't find 'Mind Expressions' and 'Lie' songs. Only this 4 songs that was still in my PC. So enjoy listening. Feel free to give a comment. This is our 1st demo, the recording is just OK la.. Nak kutuk pun boleh la.. ha2..

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Before Battle at Zouk.. (band history continues..)

Suddenly during my way back home from work, I remember one mini gigs that we performed on the year 2002. Before the battle at  Zouk la.. Lines up at that time, Joe (guitar n vox), Nazri (guitar n vox), Nyed (bassists) and Amy (drummer). The gigs was held at Concorde Studio, Jalan Meru Klang. It was just a mini gigs. The funny parts was the stage was covered with a grill. Feel like jamming in a cage (dah la sempit.. ada palang plak tu..). But the crowd was really sporting at the time. Forgot the song list that we played that time. If I'm not mistaken.. Milk it (Nirvana), High Skool (our song) and the rest I can't remember. That time I'm using my new guitar. Cheap-cheap guitar la.. an SX guitar. Telecaster copy (yellow color.. now I paint it black) because to get a fender guitar cost a lots of cash la.. You know what I meant. The efx was Boss DS2 (turbo distortion) and Boss DS3 (fuzz). But the sound that came out from the amp that night was really not satisfied me. It is definitely because of the cheap guitar pick ups. Plan to change it but as a student, where to get cash? (PTPTN pun sudah habis..). When we're on the stage, everything changes. The view is different.. the feeling was different..

In 2003, we enter a battle in Bukit Jalil celebrated 'Youth day' (sempena hari belia). Can't remember the organizer, so many things can't remember la.. just getting older.. Song list :

1. Lunatik
2. Forgiveness (instrumental)

This time the lines up was Nazri (guitar n vox), Joe (guitar), Janggot (bassist) and Ayip (drummer). That time we're using Sonic Mush name. Even-though Janggot act as a bassists, my personal point of view he is a good guitarist but since joined the band he played a bass because we're lack of bassists (seriously bro..).

Our mission to serve society with our brand of music getting near and near.. The crowd getting bigger and bigger. But as usual, we didn't win a thing. I admit, not everybody can adapt my music la. But anyway we have a lot of joy. Only during our way back home (lepak jap kat perhentian Awan Besar), the organizer called Joe saying that the top 3 band quit, so they want us to perform that night on the final occasion. That means that we're number 4 la.. But I said thanks but no thanks. Because we are really tired that day and the mood to battle is only left 10% la.. Pack our things and chow.. Actually now I realized at that time, I never heard about Bunk face, Grey Sky Morning and other klang band even though we came from the same Klang scene.. But now they are at the top of indie world. Salute you guys.. ha2.. (to be continued..)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Band History

If I'm not mistaken, the journey started end of year 2001. The band named 'Dormicum' jam together at 'concorde jamming studio'. Located at jln meru, klang, selangor. Playing late nirvana songs, mudhoney, the vines, butterfingers... Share same thoughts. To voice out depression of life.. Grunge music genre. The first line up were Amy (guitar n vox), nazri (guitar), nyed (bass) and joe (drummer). The jamming session held in various studio in klang valley, apple jam (sek. 7 shah alam), SS15 PJ (forgot the studio name) and concorde studio (jalan meru, klang. how r u mr. jacky?). Playing others songs is quite border some.. so lets write our own songs. So, in the end of year 2002, Dormicum released their 1st demo at 'Uncle Studio' (in house studio) located at shah alam. During the time, Joe leave the band. The lines up once again changed, Nazri (guitar n vox), Nyed (bass) and Amy (drummer). Feel that Dormicum name is unsuitable, the ban changed their name to Gutterslides.. don't have any meaning actually, just the name pronounce likely Butterfingers.. Ha2..

The first demo titled 'Paroxysm'. Song list :

1. Forgiveness
2. Lie
3. High Skool
4. Cure me
5. Creepy

Sold about 30 unit if i'm not mistaken. In house printing. Sell about RM5 per CD. The quality of recording is just OK la.. only the drum parts, Amy played using keyboard because no drum at the studio. Sound funny at first. But OK la..

The first battle that we've entered is at UNITAR, PJ. Didn't win anything. During the time most of the band are 'Rock Kapak' band la.. we're the only band who perform our own song's with grunge attitude. Our mission at that time is only to deliver our music to the society that's all. Winning or losing doesn't matter. With the adrenaline rush to be on the stage for the first time. The most panic person is Nyed la at that time. Till few minutes before our turn, he still asking what is the chords of the songs that we will perform although we've been practicing hundreds of time.. panic ma..

Not long after that with no reason, Nyed leave the band and his position was taken by Mr. Fendy AKA Mr. Janggot as bassist and Joe also joined forces as guitarist. At the time, the band name is once again changed to 'Sonic Mush' after get full hand raise by all band mates. The named was taken from an internet articles.. forgot  
where is the source come from. But the articles explain about sound settings in the studio. If the sound is not balance, the sound will sound like 'Sonic Mush' or in malay 'Carca Marba' la.. I think our sound at the time is most likely 'Carca Marba'. And 'Sonic Mush' name is quite nice to be heard. Most likely like Sonic Youth..

In 2003 (if im not mistaken la.. sume sudah lupe la kawan..), we've shortlisted in the 'Recharge Jams' located at Zouk KL. It is a battle of the band. Recharge is one music organizer. They give free live recording at their studio located at SS15 PJ. They give free CD also. We've record few live songs :

1. Forgiveness
2. Lunatik
3. FM Stereo

Till now i tried to find the copy of the songs. But there is one time of my life that i want to quit music and i had thrown away all the CD away. By the time of the battle, Amy leave the band un drummed. Because at the time his project reggae band also shortlisted in the battle. The band named 'Mc Nenanaz'. So, Ayip come into the picture as a drummer. Ayip is a great drummer. Only one jamming session, I said in my heart, he is the man for the show. During the battle, the sound setting is quite bad for me. Joe's guitar also sound weird till Radhi (OAG as a jury) said 'Yang problem adalah wire jack itu..'. We didn't win anything but I'm satisfied. Felt that our mission is half away completed.... (to be continued..)