Monday, April 11, 2011

The Last Gig (before I left Sonic Mush)

A year after battle at Bukit Jalil (youth day), In 2005 we have perform one last gigs ,(last for me laa.. the rest  of the bandmates continue the journey without me with new line ups) located at Tune Studio (if im not mistaken.. forgot already the studio's name), center of bandar Klang. Band that joined the gigs are Radio Flyerz (very tight in arrangement, sadly now I heard that they are disband) , Sourtury.. the rest I don't remember.

Song List that we perform that day :

1. Lunatik (malay song)
2. FM Stereo (malay song)
3. Mind Expressions (english song)
4. Royal Jelly (butterfingers cover song)

My axes including SX Telecaster copy, Boss DS2 (turbo distortion) and Boss DS3 (fuzz). On the 3rd song, Mind Expressions.. the song's that I wrote about this one women I called a 'Bloody witch'. Really hate her regarding what she and her P*G S**T husband did to me and my wife (no need to mention here),  I 'd slammed my guitar and broke the guitar body. On the stage sometimes when the adrenaline going high.. you can't control the only thing is released it.. that is what Grunge is all about... I slammed the guitar and passing away the crowds, left the guitar on the stage and the crowds and my bandmates faces were like 'What the fish that you doing man.. ). But the show aren't finish yet, the crowd requested for last songs. So the show continue with the last songs 'Royall Jelly' a cover from Butterfingers (the greatest grunge band ever). I just comeback to the stage, pick up my guitar and continue playing the song with my tune is out (damn..). Anyway, it is a greatest experience. Only the crowd not moshing together.. maybe they don't really feel the songs.. it is a Malay grunge songs.. Ha.. Ha.. Klang scene rocks... (to be continued..)

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