Friday, August 17, 2012

New Keyboardist (a girl of course)

After the battle held at UM (Battle Of The Band Frenster 12), I realize that "a girl power" received more applause from the audience.. (this is what I called Music Industry Politic). Hell yeah.. Who wanted to watch a bunch of "unknown" guys playing "unknown" songs, right?? So, I posted on my facebook wall that I'm searching for a girl keyboardist (just joking around).. And after a while, out of no where, Mr. Janggot inform me that his Wife's friend's friend interested in joining the band as a keyboardist. And we are really excited hearing the news because all this while we are playing a 3 piece line up. So, an additional sound of keyboard is a new interesting thing for us.

So we arrange a TTS (Teh Tarik Session) with Iam Yanti at Restoran Selera Terkini (tempat lepak kitorang after jamm session.. located just besides TWOZHEE Studio..). But at that time, our beloved drummer, Mr. Zee is not around (still in Penang.. Thank god he is in Penang.. He2..). The ice breaking session went really well. I did passed to Iam Yanti our demo for her to listen and get familiar with our music. She is a talented young girl and she even ask me what is the key of my voice? Ha2.. Till today still don't know.. Usually when I compose a song, I will try to reach the notes of the song (wrong technique I guess.. well, I'm not a professional musician, just follow my instinct).

After Mr. Zee came back from his course, we were having our 1st jamm session with Iam Yanti. It's really cool having a keyboardist in the band. The sound of fuzz blended with the harmonic of the keyboard - This what I called "Simple Avant-garde Grunge). So, the new chapter of Fuzzy Honey begins...

From left (Iam Yanti, Mr. Zee, Mr. Janggot, Mr. Nazri (with a broken hand))

Current line up :
1. Mr. Nazri | Guitar & Vox
2. Mr. Janggot | Bass & 2nd Vox
3. Mr. Zee | Drummer
4. Iam Yanti | Keyboard & Synth

Song lists :
1. Selamat Tinggal
2. Kontroversi Personaliti
3. Historic Lonely
4. Clock (Cold Play cover)

Stay tunes for more updates.. Next will be the ROTTW soundstage.. See you guys there..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Free Demo to let go

The same night after the UM's Battle, Mr.Zee continue his future journey to Penang. Duty called, he need to attend 3 month government course in Penang. So long drummer.. we meet again in 3 month.. Actually that night we are planning to let go free demos but due to so many technical problems, its halt. Since we will be taking 3 month rest (without drummer.. how to jamm meh...), I'll use this moment to complete our demo. Recording > Burning > Cover designing > Labeling > Printing are all DIY. We are independent right.

Usually during jamming session we will recorded the songs for our references and uploaded it to YOUTUBE   for public viewers. We are using Blackberry (curve 9300.. promote lagi.. ha2..) phones as a recording device (this is what I meant by lo-fi). The sound quality aren't bad at all (you can hear the vocal screaming.. guitar fuzzing.. bass slapping.. drum beating.. what more do you ask for a demo right?). Because of that we release our 1st self titled demo "Fuzzy Honey" and pass it to friends and who ever interested for "Free" (Iam not a profit maker though..) and take notes of their comments, for us to further improving on our sound and arrangement. There are 5 songs in the demo. You can always hear it at our myspace website or you can download it from a links below (click on the song title):

Demo "Fuzzy Honey - Versi Lo-fi" song lists :

1. Hilang Kawalan
2. Selamat Tinggal
3. Minda Sedar
4. FM Stereo
5. Kontroversi Personaliti

The bee costume model is my son.

Apart from that, I also send it to ROTTW DIY corner to get a professional point of views on how well is our demo in term of sound trademark, vocal and song arrangement. I mailed it to them in the end of March 2012 and waiting for their review in the next ROTTW issue.. waiting.. waiting..waiting.. suddenly in the middle of April I received a note in my DIY mail box using my son milk can painted red that are now fading out from POS Malaysia asking me to collect my thing at the post office. Yes I always buying things from international E-Bay, but I don't remember I missed a thing?? So, I went to the post office and collect the item. When I'm unpacking the envelope....... What the fish!#@%$.. It is the same demo that I sent to ROTTW in March.  Return back to me due to wrong address!!!! When I check back, the latest ROTTW issue.. the address is different compared to the previous issue.. they moved!!! Well, everybody made mistakes right. But I don't admit it as a mistake.. Its a sign saying that we need to record it perfectly before sending it to them.. Ha2.. Anyway, before end of this year we will record our 1st EP or at least a single.. Stay tune guys..

Wrong address!!!!!

Enjoy the music, feel the lyric.. We are Fuzzy Honey..

Monday, August 6, 2012

Battle Of The Band Frenster 12

After hours and hours of jamming sessions we are now ready to battle and continue our music journey. We intended to enter any Battle of The Band in Klang Valley (Klang Valley 1st). I appointed my wife as a band manager, Cik Puan Yanty (facebook initial) and asked her to search for any battle of the band organized in Klang Valley online or offline. Sad to say it is hard to find battle of the band in the net since we Malaysian are still 50% old school (really???). But what ever it is, we managed to find one battle at Universiti Malaya dated 10 March 2012 which is "Battle of The Band Frenster 12". The entrance fee is RM60 and the winner will earn RM350 cash. We performed 2 songs that night, Selamat Tinggal and Hilang Kawalan. Crowd were really supportive. To all UM's "You are all rocker guys.. Peace..". Thanks to our family especially to my mom and sister for spending their precious time in watching us performed that night. You are really sporting mom, even though sometimes you hated much the way I dressed up.. Its grunge mom, not beggars.. Ha2.. Also million thanks to all Soldier Bees, Mdm. Mursyidah (Mr. Janggot's wife at that time carrying their 1st son in the tummy.. he2.. Tq,), Ms. Aisyah (Mr. Zee's the one and only girlfriend), Mr. Saffuan (my best friend.. always support me also be the first person buying my Demo back in 2004 Gutterslides "Paroxysm".. but now I cant see his name in facebook.. where are you my friend..), Mr. Faizal and family (my long lost best friend.. Yeah it's right brother.. After 12 years, Music unite us..), Mr. Battousai Afiq (before zee shows up, he is the one playing drum.. Tq bro for the hard work..). Even though we do not win that night, we did our best, we enjoyed the show, the crowd enjoyed the show.. What more do you want?? Music is all about sharing and caring right?

Current line up :
Nazri | Guitar & Vox
Janggot | Bass & 2nd Vos
Zee | Drum

Battle song list :
1. Selamat Tinggal
2. Hilang Kawalan

Enjoy the music, feel the lyric.. We are Fuzzy Honey..

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Band Reunite

It's been a while seen the last time I updated this blog. At the end of January 2012, Mr. Janggot AKA Hasrul Affandi had brought his wife for pregnancy checkup at Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Baru Bangi and out of no where he saw Mr. Zee our "long lost drummer". The strange part is he actually works at the Klinik.What a small world right.. Ha2.. Then I received a phone call from Mr. Janggot saying that he met Mr. Zee. Then I said : "That's it.. now is the right time to resume back what we have started". By the way, my hometown is at Desa Putra, Kajang just a few minutes from Bandar Baru Bangi and Mr. Hasrul's mother-in-law's house is also at Kajang. Once in a fort night I will go to Kajang, visiting my parents and same goes to Mr. Janggot. Meanwhile Mr. Zee's parents bought a house at Kajang and permanently stayed there.  I never expected that we will reunite here. We started our music journey in Klang. Hmmmm.... Strange..

We met up in February 2012 and begin our jamming session at Twozhe studio located at Bandar Baru Bangi in front of Kompleks PKNS. Nice studio. If you are near by, please come visit and feel it yourself.

Current line up :
Nazri | Guitar & Vox
Janggot | Bass & 2nd Vox
Zee | Drummer

Song list :
1. Selamat tinggal
2. Hilang Kawalan
3. FM Stereo
4. Minda Sedar

Enjoy the music feel the lyric.. We are Fuzzy Honey..