Monday, August 6, 2012

Battle Of The Band Frenster 12

After hours and hours of jamming sessions we are now ready to battle and continue our music journey. We intended to enter any Battle of The Band in Klang Valley (Klang Valley 1st). I appointed my wife as a band manager, Cik Puan Yanty (facebook initial) and asked her to search for any battle of the band organized in Klang Valley online or offline. Sad to say it is hard to find battle of the band in the net since we Malaysian are still 50% old school (really???). But what ever it is, we managed to find one battle at Universiti Malaya dated 10 March 2012 which is "Battle of The Band Frenster 12". The entrance fee is RM60 and the winner will earn RM350 cash. We performed 2 songs that night, Selamat Tinggal and Hilang Kawalan. Crowd were really supportive. To all UM's "You are all rocker guys.. Peace..". Thanks to our family especially to my mom and sister for spending their precious time in watching us performed that night. You are really sporting mom, even though sometimes you hated much the way I dressed up.. Its grunge mom, not beggars.. Ha2.. Also million thanks to all Soldier Bees, Mdm. Mursyidah (Mr. Janggot's wife at that time carrying their 1st son in the tummy.. he2.. Tq,), Ms. Aisyah (Mr. Zee's the one and only girlfriend), Mr. Saffuan (my best friend.. always support me also be the first person buying my Demo back in 2004 Gutterslides "Paroxysm".. but now I cant see his name in facebook.. where are you my friend..), Mr. Faizal and family (my long lost best friend.. Yeah it's right brother.. After 12 years, Music unite us..), Mr. Battousai Afiq (before zee shows up, he is the one playing drum.. Tq bro for the hard work..). Even though we do not win that night, we did our best, we enjoyed the show, the crowd enjoyed the show.. What more do you want?? Music is all about sharing and caring right?

Current line up :
Nazri | Guitar & Vox
Janggot | Bass & 2nd Vos
Zee | Drum

Battle song list :
1. Selamat Tinggal
2. Hilang Kawalan

Enjoy the music, feel the lyric.. We are Fuzzy Honey..

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