Friday, August 17, 2012

New Keyboardist (a girl of course)

After the battle held at UM (Battle Of The Band Frenster 12), I realize that "a girl power" received more applause from the audience.. (this is what I called Music Industry Politic). Hell yeah.. Who wanted to watch a bunch of "unknown" guys playing "unknown" songs, right?? So, I posted on my facebook wall that I'm searching for a girl keyboardist (just joking around).. And after a while, out of no where, Mr. Janggot inform me that his Wife's friend's friend interested in joining the band as a keyboardist. And we are really excited hearing the news because all this while we are playing a 3 piece line up. So, an additional sound of keyboard is a new interesting thing for us.

So we arrange a TTS (Teh Tarik Session) with Iam Yanti at Restoran Selera Terkini (tempat lepak kitorang after jamm session.. located just besides TWOZHEE Studio..). But at that time, our beloved drummer, Mr. Zee is not around (still in Penang.. Thank god he is in Penang.. He2..). The ice breaking session went really well. I did passed to Iam Yanti our demo for her to listen and get familiar with our music. She is a talented young girl and she even ask me what is the key of my voice? Ha2.. Till today still don't know.. Usually when I compose a song, I will try to reach the notes of the song (wrong technique I guess.. well, I'm not a professional musician, just follow my instinct).

After Mr. Zee came back from his course, we were having our 1st jamm session with Iam Yanti. It's really cool having a keyboardist in the band. The sound of fuzz blended with the harmonic of the keyboard - This what I called "Simple Avant-garde Grunge). So, the new chapter of Fuzzy Honey begins...

From left (Iam Yanti, Mr. Zee, Mr. Janggot, Mr. Nazri (with a broken hand))

Current line up :
1. Mr. Nazri | Guitar & Vox
2. Mr. Janggot | Bass & 2nd Vox
3. Mr. Zee | Drummer
4. Iam Yanti | Keyboard & Synth

Song lists :
1. Selamat Tinggal
2. Kontroversi Personaliti
3. Historic Lonely
4. Clock (Cold Play cover)

Stay tunes for more updates.. Next will be the ROTTW soundstage.. See you guys there..