Friday, October 26, 2012

Pertandingan Raja Band 2012 (7th October 2012)

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On 7th October 2012 we participated in Pertandingan Raja Band 2012 at Astaka Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur lead by Kementerian Kebudayaan Malaysia. It is a good opportunity for an Indie bands to get mainstream exposure as well as to share their music to public.

The battle start as early as 2 pm (ingatkan janji melayu rupanya "Janji Ditepati".. He2..). After all bands fills up the entry form, we do the vote. Unfortunately we get unlucky no 15 (no problem honey, its not your fault.. :)). At first before cut off, there are a total of 27 bands registered. The MC was Mie Raja Lawak, you are born to be a host man.. Seriously. We performed 2 songs from unrelease EP which are "Kontroversi Personaliti" and "Historic Lonely". Waiting is painful, our session start at 6.30pm. Can you guys imagine how long we've waited. Anyway we had a lot of fun performing our music to all music lovers even though we don't get the Champion title. Music is all about sharing and caring right. Somehow, I am a bit upset with a technical difficulties that I've gone through with my guitar or jack or EFX pedal??? But, it is not the reason we loose the battle. Maybe our songs still don't reach the judge expectation. We are a grunge band. We just want to play music and serve the society with our brand of music. Through out the tiring days, the champion title was given to  "Nova Band". Congratulation guys. Also congratulation to the pinky pants lady AKA the band vocalist.. He2..

Enjoy the music.. Feel the lyric.. We are Fuzzy Honey..

Song list :
1. Kontroversi Personaliti
2. Historic Lonely

Akibat kebosanan yang melampau

We are Fuzzy Honey

Me with Encik Zee AKA The Drummer

From left : Yanti, Janggot, Nazri, Faizal and Zee

Double Yantoi

Waiting and waiting...

Minutes before the battle
Cik Puan Yanty AKA Band Manager with Cik Senah

Janggot with Along (Zip Zieler 2nd runner)

Thanks to all Soldier Bees for their support.. En. Faizal, Ms. Azmah AKA Cik Senah (kaki merajuk), Puan Siti Merdiah and husband, Mr. Dean Bok Seng (yang datang lambat). Thanks you guys..

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