Saturday, June 25, 2011

The new era of "Fuzzy Honey"

On March 2011, due to "working stress" and also "mind depression" I re-routed my pass years music journey. Music always made me happy and feel energetic. Started a new band called "Fuzzy Honey", I always hearted the sound of fuzz, even my main pedal box is "Electro Harmonix Lil Big Muff Pie", that's why I'm naming the band 'Fuzzy Honey".

My late bassist, Mr. Fendi AKA Mr. Janggot joined the band as bassist (maybe because too long not playing bass, sometimes your bass sounded awkward bro.. Ha2 actually same with me la..) and Mr. Afiq (my Staff at Epson Toyocom Malaysia whom for me had a deep passion in music although never played the drum before, but in less than 2 month he can play the instrument!!! I bet, if he really serious, in 2 years he will be like "Travis Baker" Ha2..) as a Drummer.

Our jammed session held at "Hotstuff Studio" located at One Park Avenue, Damansara every Friday night. Seriously, the studio was the best. Try it your self. Still need hundred hours of practice before we can play in public especially the drum part. I've composed quite number of song for Fuzzy Honey first demo (all in malay). But, due to due to my new drummer still in a learning process only few songs can be played. Feel free to hear and comment. Recorded using Blackberry Curve 3G (promote blackberry.. Ha2..)

Song list :
1. Hilang Kawalan - Fuzzy Honey

2. Selamat Tinggal - Fuzzy Honey

Personally, for the scale range of 1 to 5. I rated "Fuzzy Honey" as 2 for now.


  1. Bukan takat studio same.. baju aku pon same gak.. ha2

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  3. Ini adalah sejarah Encik Zee.. Titik permulaan yang penuh suka duka.. itu yang aku namakan "The truth behind all lies"